Homicide in the City of Chicago

Homicide Statistics

In the past year since the date of publication (July 24, 2017), 797 homicides have occurred in the city of Chicago. The city has recently been criticized by President Trump for not taking action and adequately preventing crime. Here are some statistics that illustrate the way that the city is responding to homicides. This data does not reflect the crime rate as a whole. Nor does it demonstrate the state of the city as compared with the murder rates of other large metropolitan areas. The data is simply a snapshot of the city's murder rate between July 2016 and July 2017. As the data shows, most murders in Chicago occur in the streets. Only in 12.6% of these homicides is a suspect arrested. These are but two of the interesting conclusions that can be drawn form the data below.

Most Common Homicide Locations, Chicago 2016-2017

Total in Location:

DateDescriptionSecondary DescriptionLocationArrest Made?

Number of Arrests Made in Homicide Cases Based on Location

Percent of Homicide Cases Where Arrests Were Made Based on Location